Jersey has a new Covid dental plan for children.

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Jersey has a new Covid dental plan for children.

Jersey has a new Covid dental plan for children

The government has created a new initiative to assist secondary pupils who do not normally qualify for free dental treatment.

Children from low-income households will be eligible for up to £350 in preventive therapy.

The plan was put in place as a result of Covid-19 disrupting dental services.

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Deborah McMillan, Jersey’s Children’s Commissioner, said the service will be positively appreciated by those who qualify.

She stated, ” “In our interactions and work with young islanders, the issue of being unable to get dental care owing to the expense of treatment has come up again and time again.

“As a result, seeing the government take measures to address this issue for people who are most in need is a really encouraging move.

“Obviously, a similar program for all children and young people in Jersey would be preferable, but this is a wonderful move that demonstrates that the government is paying attention to what young people have to say.”

Those who qualify may be entitled for the following services (where applicable):

a dental examination

Scale and shine

Fluoride varnish in two coats (the second course will be accompanied with a further check-up)

Fissure Filler

Filings and extractions are among the rehabilitative procedures.

Customer and Local Services will fund the program, which is expected to cost £240,000.

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